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What is Cloud Empress?

Cloud Empress is an expansive, Nausicaa-inspired fantasy campaign setting for the tabletop roleplaying game Mothership. Cloud Empress imagines the far future ruled by the patterns of giant psychic cicadas

In Summer, the Imago (giant cicadas) rise in great numbers to feed on the bones of the dead. Monks and villagers dry corpses in huge burial mounds to satisfy their hunger. A few hundred Imago are spotted each summer, but once in a hundred years, the Century Brood appears. Tens of thousands of Imago climb from deep soil and reduce the land to rubble. Now the Century Brood has been unearthed and the Cloud Empress has gone missing.

Find a way to thrive, live, and love in the psychic wreckage of Earth among the junk of ancient people who abandoned it.

Cloud Empress Books

Cloud Empress is a stand-alone RPG book series perfect for new and experienced tabletop gamers and is fully compatible with Mothership first edition. 

The 44 page zine Rulebook contains:

  • 1 quick start adventure
  • 1 new wound table & panic table
  • 4 science fantasy classes
  • 4 detailed NPCs
  • 7 otherworldly curses
  • 10 invasive spores
  • 20+ chalk-casting spells
  • 22 new tools of violence
  • and much more!

Cloud Empress Third Party License

Are you an RPG writer or publisher who wants to create something in the world of Cloud Empress? Cloud Empress will be be using a friendly third party license for creators who want to make their own Cloud Empress content.

Email worldsbywatt [at] gmail [dot] com if you would like to start working on a Cloud Empress title with a short description of your project.

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